The song you are listening to is
called "Anthropomophic Pet".

     Hello. Welcome to the Kingdom of Miracles, I'm Erik Mouse. This is the page that is on mostly fur pages. What is a fur page? A fur page is a page on a specific anthropomorphic toonlike animal character. i.e. an animal with human characteristics. Here, you will find pages on furries that are friendly and may to be defended from spammers, unless they tell us that they don't need our defense. On the menu to the left, you will find links to our other pages including the fur pages.
     The first item on the menu is a link to our security page. Here, you will find a furry who is running the page named Edmond Bunny. He is the one who has been dealing with spammers who are trying to pick a fight with me. On the security page, you will find information on what abuse of me you can report to him. For more information, click on "Edmond Bunny" in the menu to the left.
     The second item on the menu is a link to Sandra Bear's Page. This is another defender of me, who is called Sandra List. She is the one who gave me a teddy bear (Sandra Bear) to make up for my troubles. For more information on Sandra List and the teddy bear, click on "Sandra Bear" in the menu to the left.
     The next item on the menu is a link to our boycotts page. On this page, you will find boycotts that we *might* be starting. At this time, we have a list of two boycotts, but need the peoples approval before they can be launched. For more information on the boycotts, click on "Boycotts" in the menu to the left.
     The next item on the menu is a link to our Forest Friend Bear page. This is the page about a rare Care Bear called Forest Friend Bear that can only be found in the United Kingdom. For more information on Forest Friend Bear, click on "Forest Friend" in the menu to the left.
     The next item on the menu is a link to Jerry Mouse's Page. Here, you will find a furry running the page named Jerry Mouse. Jerry Mouse is the mouse from the show, Tom & Jerry. The reason I have dedicated the page to him is because he is my favorite mouse. For more information on Jerry Mouse, click on "Jerry Mouse" in the menu to the left.
     The next item on the menu is a link to Lizi Bunny's Page. This is a page that I have dedicated to a ten year old sister of a person that I met on <>. The reason I have created the page was that this ten year old girl fancies herself as a pink bunny w/ a hawaiian dress code. Since I had a picture of the ten year old girl's fancy, I decided to dedicate a page to the ten year old girl. And, when I posted a link to the page, the person said that his ten year old sister appreciated it. For more information and the picture, click on "Lizi Bunny" in the menu to the left.
     The next item on the menu is a link to Ryan Coyote's Page. Here, you will find a furry running the page named Ryan Coyote. Ryan Coyote is a furry that was also created by my creator, Erik McDarby. This is where my fur stories will be posted. For more information on Ryan Coyote and the fur stories, click on "Ryan Coyote" in the menu to the left.
     The last item on the menu is a link to my Hangout on Yahoo!. Here, if you have an e-mail address, you can join and post messages in my hangout. Currently, the topic of my hangout is about helping Sandra List get her eBay account reinstated. At this time, I am increasing the topic and allowing anything that is related to me and my interests to be posted in my hangout. But, I will not allow any post that is a flame. I refuse to deal with anyone who post flames against me. If you post a flame against me, I will delete your flame. A repeated offense will result in the termination of your membership and/or reporting to Yahoo! Abuse. To view my club, click on "Hangout" in the menu to the left.
     That is the all the items I have on the menu for now. I will be adding more items soon. The reason I have created this page is to let other people know that I am really a nice mouse when I am not being flamed. And, if you want to support me and have me around as a friend. Then, please sign my guestbook below. But, if you happen to be viewing my guestbook, please take note that my guestbook has been spammed by a couple of spammers. At this time, I am throwing a bottle with the note that says "Help!" into the cyber sea in hopes that someone with a good heart would answer the note and help. If you are a person who would want to help me, please feel free to write to me. My e-mail address is

Very Furry Yours,
Erik Mouse
"I'm very kind and easy to please. I'll be your friend, if you give me some cheese."

It all makes sense now why Sandra List is caring for Erik Mouse. When Sandra List gave me to Erik Mouse, she fulfilled a deep yearning. The blueprints for giving me life existed in her mind and heart long before she was able to send me to Erik Mouse. When she finally sent me, she has felt she has made it up to Erik Mouse. Or, rather as if a piece of his kindness and love has found it's way to her. It is said that I, the teddy bear, will protect the person who cares for me. ---- Sandra Bear